Custom Amiibo – Fire Flower Mario and Fuzzy Meowser

So I’ve decided that custom Amiibo kick ass!  I have three up for sale on my storenvy and etsy stores.

I do take custom requests either through the shop or email.


Shiny Charizard – working on a custom box for it











Fire Flow Mario – Custom Box

IMG_20150927_153735361 IMG_20150927_153745308 IMG_20150927_154607002 IMG_20150927_154612076 IMG_20150927_154620744 IMG_20150927_154626143


















Fuzzy Meowser – Custom Box (my artwork)

IMG_20151007_230023350 IMG_20151007_230035248 IMG_20151007_230052600 IMG_20151008_102614611 IMG_20151008_102622416 IMG_20151008_102650467