Lord Drakkon The Loyal Subjects Custom!

Hey everyone – it’s been awhile and I swear I’m not dead.  I’ve been busy and shifting into customizing a vinyl toy line called The Loyal Subjects.

The figures are a lot of fun and really articulated – a perfect canvas for customs!  While I’m not a fan of a few things about the company, the figures themselves have been my obsession for months now.  I have a few up on Etsy for sale and I’m always looking for a challenge of what to customize next.

As you all know I LOVE Power Rangers.  LOVE them.  The Loyal Subjects do have a Power Ranger line for their vinyls (TV and movie versions) but I wanted to make something special.  This year is the 25th anniversary for the MMPR – big things are happening!  In the comic world of MMPR done by BOOM! Studios they’ve introduced a character – Lord Drakkon and I fell in love with his design.  While I’m not up to speed on the comics (I hope to remedy that soon), I wanted a Loyal Subjects inspired Drakkon.

I have to admit it was….a process.  I teamed up with a wonderful man named Jared Fragd of FragMintz to get my idea off the ground.  We had some issues getting the quality we wanted to enlisted the help of Eric Kroger from Gadzooks Gaming to SLA print the parts I needed to take a Green Ranger and make him Lord Drakkon.

A lot of trial and error later – welcome to the world, Lord Drakkon!

The next part was figuring out paints, techniques, etc that I wanted to use on him.  As of yesterday – April 19, 2018 – I finished my copy of Lord Drakkon.  I have to say I’ve never been more pleased!

I’ve decided to make 25 of them for the MMPR 25th anniversary this year and then once they are all sold I’ll never make another one.  That doesn’t mean other folks won’t make Lord Drakkon but my version will never be made again.

What you get:
A completed numbered Lord Drakkon (customized over a Loyal Subjects Green Ranger)
-custom parts include
– Drakkon Shield (with real leather straps)
– Drakkon Helmet (removable and held in place via magnets)
– Drakkon Shin/Arm Guards
– Saba Sword
– Dragon Flute Dagger

A numbered METAL FULL COLOR bio card
A numbered METAL ACID ETCHED bio card
An acrylic display case for Lord Drakkon
A numbered custom box

A Starlight Studios Lord Drakkon Morpher Coin (OPTIONAL)
A custom stand for the Lord Drakkon Morpher Coin (OPTIONAL)

If you send me a Tommy Figure (Wave 1 Green Ranger Figure) you get a $25 refund once I HAVE THE FIGURE IN HAND.


It is up on Etsy as a pre-order as I am still waiting for a few more parts and pieces to come in.  I have been trying to sell them in a few Facebook groups to help with the start up costs so when they go live there will be less than 25 available.

Oh and did I mention that I am giving one to Jason David-Frank?  Yeah the Green/White Ranger himself – who also played Lord Drakkon for the advert they did for Shattered Grid.