Site Donations

There are other ways to support LadyTank Studios than purchasing art or t-shirts, help us with our hosting!

Donate towards my web hosting bill!
Feel free to donate any amount as every dollar helps!  If a dollar amount of $30 or more is given you can have a choice of a commission as a thank  you from us!

$30 – 1 Character Sketch Only
$40 – 1 Character Sketch w/Small Background
$50-$60 1 Character Colored
$70 – 2 Character Sketch OR 1 Custom MunnyWorld Figure* (colored only**) OR 1 Custom Cthulhu Figure***(color only)
$80-$100 -2 Characters Colored OR 1 Custom MunnyWorld Figure* (the Works!****)
$100+ – Contact me!


*Munny World Figure Options (2.5″/4″/7″ figures where available)



KRACKA           FOOMI


**Colored only: The figure will not be altered in any way except in color edits to the base only.

***Cthulhu Figure:


****The Works: The figure can have a full base alteration.